Pepperonis Pizza and Eatery Supports the Community

Anaheim, CA—Since 2002 when Pepperonis Pizza and Eatery opened its first restaurant in Anaheim the family-oriented pizza chain has donated more than $250,000 to local community organizations. “We appreciate our customers, and we want to give back to them where we can, especially when kids are involved”, said Raffi Sarkassian Pepz pizza has made direct financial contributions to sports teams, schools, and civic organizations that help support the group’s activities. In addition, the pizza chain has consistently offered youth sports teams special discounts on pizza and drinks to help with their team celebrations. “It’s all part of what we do in giving back to our community, “ said Raffi Sarkassian.

The family-owned Pepz Pizza has also established a number of other community oriented programs, such as school fundraisers, school literacy awards programs that encourage reading at all levels, and school pizza parties.

Pepz Pizza offers the community support programs to schools, civic organizations and teams through all five of their locations.

For more information, call 714-991-6450

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